Esteemed Guests, We welcome you and extend my greetings to you on behalf of ATTITUDE-STHLM - The Ultimate Fashion Experience. ATTITUDE-STHLM is the only international and public meeting place in Scandinavia where designers, trendsetters, influencers, artists and professionals take part of the latest in fashion, beauty and coming trends. After the fifth edition, ATTITUDE-STHLM is Scandinavia’s largest and most publicized trendshow, exhibition and meeting place for trendsetters in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In Stockholm our venue moves to Stockholm Waterfront in the middle of Stockholm City.

After the ninth edition ATTITUDE STHLM is Scandinavia’s largest and most publicized exhibition and meeting place for the trendsetters and it became one of the most talked about event in the fashion- and beauty industry. In addition, nearly 2 million people have come into contact with the brand ATTITUDE STHLM through a variety of digital- and social media.

ATTITUDE STHLM invites international top-designers to show their creations side by side with Scandinavian designers and puts together a fashion- and beauty event without comparison in Northern Europe. The visitors will get the opportunity to experience fashion shows with fashiondesigners, acquaint themselves with news from the fashion industry and mingle with the Scandinavian fashion elite.

The time during which we host you in our fair would be a pleasure for us. I wish your visit would live in your memoirs as a nice occation. Welcome to Sweden and to Capital Stockholm!

Join us!